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i have a 95 honda civic dx with a JVC head unit, this is my second post for the same problem, i was told the might be a problem with the ground but i tried that and still no power to it. all the fuses are fine and i have no power running to the deck...PLEASE HELP!!

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

so you test lighted the red and yellow wires are either of them putting power out? as well check your ground, if not check fuse panel, test light the radio fuse make sure power going through fuse test light both sides while fuse is in of course if there is power, than more than likely a prob between there and stereo.

posted by  mellowyellow

Take The Stereo Out.hook Up 12 Volts To It.there Are In Line Fuses That Come With The Stereo.they Are Little Cylinder Looking Things .one On The Yellow Memory Wire And One On The Red.if It Works Out Of The Car,run New Power To It .

posted by  the lobster

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