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new to this so hello all i hope someone can help me front disc brakes start to bind after about five applecations i fitted new discs and callipers and it still does it can any one help

posted by  martin

you replaced calipers so i assume they are sliding on the guide pin's and not jamming next i would check if both front wheels bind then replace the flex line(rubber line) at caliper it is pinched or blocked not allowing brake fluid to return to the master cylinder

posted by  osborste

drive the car,and each time you use the brakes,put your foot under the brake pedal when you take off from the light .keep the pedal up for 15 seconds or so.Do this each time you stop.Do the brakes bind less?I had the same trouble once .I took it to 5 places and no one could peg the problem.
the pin that activates the master cylinder was just a hair too long.What got
everyone confused,(except the people at toyota)was that they all assumed
my car did not have a dual diagonal brake system.ONLY MY RIGHT FRONT WAS HEATING UP AFTER 12 STOPS OR SO.but the mechanics kept saying that it could not be a master cylinder problem.well it was 2 things:when the brakes were bled once the o ring was damaged,and it was keeping residual pressure in the right front,as my car has a 2 piston master cylinder.the actuator rod was not right.When the first set of pads burned out ,I noticed that i could pull up on the brake pedal,and the squeelers stopped dragging.
hope this helps.

posted by  the lobster

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