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Everyonce in awhile when I brake the car doesnt stop. It slows down to about 5 mph and wont stop no matter how hard I press the brake pedal. I have to let off and apply again. I am really terrified of this if my brakes happen to fail on me.

posted by  EvilPodAE

year make model transmission pls

posted by  osborste

wow.. if ur engine is idling ok and i assume u an automatic? most likely ur cup in ur master cylinder is failing.. causing u to pump a second time.

posted by  thongsai

Typically we need make, model, if the car has ABS, etc. to know what to "look for" when reading a post.

With that said, there can be many issues such as worn master or wheel cylinders/capliers, hydraulic leaks. This type of issue needs to be evaluated and fixed NOW before someone gets hurt or killed in an accident caused by faulty brakes.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I would not even drive the brake fluid level normal? Maybe you have razor blades for disc pads.Whatever is wrong,you should get it looked at
right away.

posted by  the lobster

1993 Mercury Topaz Auto Tranny 4 cylinder.

posted by  EvilPodAE

did you get the car looked at?let me know.

posted by  the lobster

first things first was the brakes replace and not adjusted and seem to say the way you put it is it has air in the line's try bleeding them

posted by  utah115

does the pedal go to the floor, or do you have a hard pedal? brake fluid level? can you lock them up under any conditions? did it pull at all before?

posted by  dodger65

roflmao.. did you say razorblades for brake pads?!? ba ahahahahhaha

posted by  C c C

Wow you're retarded :tard:

posted by  99integra

I had a problem when breaking my 2004 Toyota Camry (16K miles) at the red light at 45 m/hr. The car didn't stop so I switched to the low gear, the car finally stopped, but the brake pedal was pulsing, the sound was as if I hit the accelerator, and I felt the the engine pushes car ahead, so I had to press hard the brake pedal to keep the car stopped. However, immediately after that everything was normal.
The car is under warranty, so the Toyota dealership mechanics checked the brakes, lines, muster cylinder, leaks, etc. They didn't find any problems. They said that transmission and torque converter doesn't have any relation to that.
What caused the problem then? Torque converter? How can it be checked?
Could antilock break be on (oily spot) causing this stange behavior?
It's scary to drive the car now.

posted by  sidr265

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