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i was working on my grand am 3100l and i accidently grounded out my alt live wire wondering if theres a fuse or what not cause car now wont keep a charge

posted by  mellowyellow

more than likely shorted out the diode bridge in the alternator. Check the electrical system for shorts and verify the actual problem before repairing or replacing parts

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Unfortunately a lot of vehicle designs don't fuse the output of alternator. If you have splashed the +ve wire while the engine was running you can probably kiss the regulator goodbye as tbaxleyjr has advised.

posted by  Wally

the GM alternators are famous for popping regulators and shorting out the rectifier block.after you replace it ,i would suggest installing some kind of safety device rated at 20 percent over the current limit of your alternator.
whether the 3.1 litre you have has a fusible link or not,you have to check the schematic.

posted by  the lobster

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