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[][B]cigarette lighter unit replacement [2000 grand am]how do you get the unit out? The instructions said the unit just pulls straight out...NOT !!There's a round black plastic support gizmo around the lighter unit and the unit does NOT slide out of it. What's the trick in getting the unit out?? The tool that came in the box broke.HELP !!

posted by  john collier

My solution would be to quit smoking. :thumbs: Disgusting habbit and drops re-sale value of vehicles.

Other than that, rip apart whatever you need to and take a look from behind and see what's holding it in

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

the sides of the lighter holder has 2 slots in it.tabs with half arrow ends fit in goes in easy,like a fish hook,but will not slide out.if you look at the one that has to go in,to gat an idea where the clips are,get 2 tiny screwdrivers,slide one on each side,and then pull it out.if you go to the dealer,they will have it out in 5 minutes.OR.take out the entire fascia piece that this socket is connected too,careful the wire has to be disconnected from underneath or you will break the wire.the clip on the end of the wire is a spring clip type. lots of fun for a 20 dollar part

posted by  the lobster

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