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I have a 95 Neon I purchased several months ago. In the past several weeks I have experienced a number of stalls when slowing and making a right hand turn. It does not stall constantly and only after the engine is warmed up. It does flutter when in slight acceleration in right turn just before the stall. After the stall I occasionally get a PO 107 "MAP/Baro Low Voltage Input" fault code. Can't figure out why only happens in right turns.

posted by  mwphillips

po codes are for obdII codes your car is a 95 would have obdI system you got a mix up here somewhere maybe code 14

posted by  osborste

seems like it is getting fuel starved.have you tried filling the tank and doing it again?i heard of a problem a couple of years back,shell was putting a summer additive in the gas,and it formed a sludge in the fuel tank,clogging alot of fuel pumps.we replaced 50 fuel pumps on grand cherokees in 2 months ,where i was before.if the map system tries to compensate,that could trigger a fault code.check all the connectors under the hood to rule out the possibility of something happening in a turn,especially if the car was ever in an accident.loose grounds or a wire with some insulation missing,and rubbing ....

posted by  the lobster

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