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I'm new to car forums, but not posting on forums.

I have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 door coupe,3.4 engine,auto tranny,A/C,PW/PL

Let me preface by telling you I had this same problem 6 months ago and had my "mechanic" fix it. I put it in for a "new" engine and got it back 2 weeks ago. ran fine until last Thursday He never told me exactly what it was, he didn't charge me and I didn't complain. I am not talking with him now so I can't find out.

The problem: I start my car,warm it up and shift to drive. shifts from 1st to 2nd and supposed to shift to 3rd but revs up high and will not shift any more. I stop car shut it off and wait 15 secs and restart, shift into drive and it works again the same way.

Is this a slipping problem or a computer issue?

Any other info I missed?

posted by  ARODH8r

check the fluid level in tranny while car is hot (running for awhile) leave it run while checking the level need to be at the full hot mark on dip stick if not top it up little at a time might be low 1L or less or more if the level is ok then have the tranny checked could be internal problems or a plugged pick-up screen

posted by  osborste

What colour is your trans fluid? a nice pink or closer to brown/blood red?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I checked fluid.- The extent of my expertise

Plugged pickup screen? Is this usually replaced when service is done?

posted by  ARODH8r

[QUOTE=88GrandPrixSE]What colour is your trans fluid? a nice pink or closer to brown/blood red?[/QUOTE

In between. Is it possible a tranny flush is necessary? It really sounds electrical if my car will work again after restarting. I'm definately no expert though.

posted by  ARODH8r

normally it should have been done. by pick-up screen i mean transmission filter inside tranny pan some gm car's would drop this filter into the pan(snap in fit)thus raising the height of oil pick in corners the pick up would suck air giving a feel of tranny slipping on acceleration after cornering or the filter is just plugging up also just a thought check the tranny pan i have seen some mechanic's crush the pan into the filter to support it while engine is out breaking the filter inside the pan it only plastic and filter material

posted by  osborste

problem .what happens if you drive downhill?which it shift?try shifting it using low,2,3 take up the rpm to 3000,and shift fron 2 to 3 manually at the same time that you bring back your foot off the gas pedal.this will increase the vacuum.if the guy messed around with the vacuum line that controls the cabin controls,and it is split off,that could do it.the throttle position sensor might be telling the wrong info to the transmission controller module .it could think you are accelerating.all this of course if the fluid is not burnt.be careful when adding the fluid,it does not take alot to overfill it.add 100 ml at a time.
overfilling will cause a host of other trouble.

posted by  the lobster

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