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I driven a 1995 Ford Taurus. I was have trouble with the battery cables having enough contact to start the car. I've fixed that problem but now when I try to start it and turn the key on the lights come on as usual but nothing happens. The battery has plenty of juice but the starter does nothing. It is almost like there is nothing getting to the starter.

posted by  piercebill

It sounds like your Selenoid!!

posted by  Pierre

try moving the shifter from park to neutral and see if it starts might be a bad safety neutral switch

posted by  osborste

no click?look on top of the transmission.there is a 4 pin switch that has a linkage to the transmission shifter.sometimes the switch will work if it is put in neutral.move it back and forth a few times.i have a service manual for a 1995 sable,same car basically and there is a 16 ga fusible link(e) that goes to the battery side of the ignition switch.it is wire 38 bl/orange another Wire #32 red/light brown is the control voltage for the starter relay.the fusible link goes to the positive side of the battery,but there is a dotted line..the safety neutral switch is in series with the 12 volt side of the fusible link (e).the EEC CONTROL VOLTAGE IS TAPPED ON THE HOT SIDE OF THE SAFETY NEUTRAL SWITCH. The wire that comes off the safety neutral switch that has the 12 volt control,is WIRE # 32 RED/LIGHT BROWN. IT ALSO GOES TO THE T F I IGNITION MODULE. THE INPUT TO THE SAFETY SWITCH FROM THE IGNITION IS WIRE # 33 WHITE/PINK .WITH THE SWITCH IN START #33 WILL HAVE 12 VOLTS .WITH THE CAR IN PARK,THERE SHOULD BE VERY LITTLE RESISTANCE ACROSS 33 AND 32 .SIMPLY PUT ,CHECK THAT YOU HAVE 12 VOLTS TO ONE OF THE WIRES ON THE SAFETY SWITCH,WHEN IN START POSITION.IF THE 12 VOLTS OUT IS GONE IT IS THE SWITCH,IF NOT,IT IS IN THE SWITCH CIRCUIT.THE IGNITION SWITCH HAS 2 SEPARATE SIDES,ONE FOR STARTER SOLENOID/TFI CONTROL AND THE OTHER SIDE FOR ELECTRONIC ENGINE MANAGEMENT,CLUSTER,RADIO ETC. HAVE FUN.

posted by  the lobster

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