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im curious if its possible for a cd player to shit the bed for any reason i have a 95 honda civic dx with a JVC cd player and i unconnected all the wires to re strip them and reconnected everything the same way the ground is fine all the fuses are still fine and intact but the cd player has no power not even accesory power and im wondering if maybe just the cd player went bad if anyone knows i could use the help thanks

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

Did you check the fuses on the power supply for the CD player and in your Fuse Box?

posted by  Pierre

yes i checked all the fuses and all the wiring for 3 days now and still nothing im getting frustrated with it im getting a new car soon and i dont want to sell this one with a cd player that doesnt work

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

Did you test with a voltage tester your Power Supply to see if there is any power going to the Cd player?

What happend to me is :
I shorted my CD Player without having a Fuse on my Power Supply Cable and it shorted my CD player. Result : It wasn't worth the money to fix my CD player had to buy another one.

I'm not shure how you could test if you CD player is fried?

Good luck

posted by  Pierre

thats what seems like happend to me :banghead: the cd player is old anyways seems like the best idea is to buy :2cents: a new one thanks for the advice

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

there are copper traces on the printed circuit boards inside the cd that will fry quickly.there is also a diode mounted across the 12 volt rail inside the player,in case it is hooked up in reverse,to protect the chips inside.the diode conducts forcing a short which will draw current and blow a fuse.a stereo shop will bench test your cd for 20$ or so.i know.i was a technician for 13 years.i have seen alot of this kind of thing.

posted by  the lobster

i had the same problem in my truck i had to go and bye a tester and i checked to see what wire was hot and i took and ran the accesory wire to the fuse for your cd player.then i ran a wire for my ground if it don't work i tried

posted by  footballcarbask

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  dodgerforlife

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