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Hello Board, Barry here, Longview, Texas. Need a little help, please.

I have a 94 F250 turbo diesel. The starter is dragging bad. How hard are they to rebuild? In days past, I would just put bushings and brushes and go about my starting business.
Is this pretty much the same on the diesel?
Thanks in advance,

posted by  handapeye

In a word yes, just somewhat bigger and heavier. That being said you may find it more cost effective to simply replace the whole unit depending on how many miles the old one has and how long you intend to keep the truck. Another concern is that if I remember correctly (at my age that doen't always happen) brushes are easy to find but not bushings. As a matter of fact on that starter the armature may run directly in the housing with no replaceable bushings at all, but I haven't had one in my hands for about a year so I'm not positive. The only way to know for sure is to tear it down. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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