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Hi peeps,

I need some real advise. I purchased a car in december, second hand of course. After 3 weeks the gearbox failed, and I had to get it replaced ( under warranty ). During this time i also had to have my clutch replaced.

Now 2k miles, and 3 months on, I have got another problem, seems the clutch is failing. But I need some advise before I go to take it back.

There is a winding ( metal teeth hitting together ) when pulling away in first and then into second ( manual transmission ). It also sounds for half a second whilst in third but no problem with it after that.

There is a large amount of vibration through-out the car. And mainly through the accelerator ( gas ) pedal and clutch.

My Biggest issue is the fact that i cannot reverse. The gear will engage, but when lifting the clutch to reverse ( with or without gas ) it will judder, hard. If on a level surface, this will work fine.

At present I have had a few friends who know their stuff about cars to have a look and one indicates there is a problem with the clutch and rear shoes ( breaks ).

I have taken this back to the garage that suppied the clutch and second hand gear box, have requested that I take it back in to have a look, which for UK laws I should have at least 12 months warranty with any new purchase.

Can anyone point out what could be the problem?

posted by  gRoberts

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