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I have a 97 Grand Prix, to turn on the heater on it only turns on when its up to the 5 spped! I could only turn it off (0) or turn it on (5, which is the max), 1,2,3,4 won't work. Ive been told that something might have been broken but no idea. Any solution that I would be able to fix by myself?

posted by  meenxo

need to find the heater fan resistor block might be under the dash passengers side near the blower motor the resistor block controls the lower speeds and they do burn out turn the blower on and look for its location then look for a plug with four or five wire's that will be the resistor block couple of screws and its out the coil steel is probably broken/rusted they are not that expensive 20-30$

posted by  osborste

thank you!!

posted by  meenxo

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