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I have a 1992 Ford Tempo 2.3L and well the power locks only work on the driver's door. How can I fix this?

posted by  Pmutch

looking at a wiring diagram for your door locks looks like you are not getting power at the passanger door lock switch on the diagram its a black wire with a white tracer/stripe thats the power feed to the switch in both door switches check for power with a test light let us know what you find

posted by  osborste

Where might I find a wiring diagram?

posted by  Pmutch

here you are

posted by  osborste

Is it 2 or 4 door? Because if it's only 2, the other (but less likely) option is that the motor driving the other door IS getting power, but the linkage to the lock mechanism is broken.

This can be easily checked. Either take the interior panel off the door and see if the motor is moving when you go to unlock the door. Or if this is too difficult for you, stick your ear right up close to the door when you try to unlock it to see if you can hear the motor working.

I have to admit though, power is a more likely option, but just throwing up another option.

posted by  windsonian

Its a 4 door, but thanx for the input anyway. And thank you for the wiring diagram. Is there a possibility it could be the fuse?

posted by  Pmutch


very easy,Keep It Simple...Stupid b4 you start ripping stuff apart, go to the door that doesn't work and try moving the lock up and down with your fingers, does it move freely?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I think it's 3 doors that aren't working ... yes?

So when you try to open the doors with the remote control, only the driver's door opens ... yes?

What about if you manually unlock the driver's door (key or internal locking stem)? Do any other doors unlock?

What about if you manually unlock the passenger front door (key or internal locking stem)?

The remote control receiver should send a signal to the door controller which sends a simultaneous signal to all doors. It would be a little unusual for a fuse problem to take out 3 doors but not the 4th.

Let me know the answers to these questions ... this is a problem that should be able to be diagnosed fairly systematically.

posted by  windsonian

First things first, when i go to lock the doors manually, they don't move. I can't push down or pull up on them. Yes 3 doors do not work. Yes only the driver's door will unlock/lock. When I manually unlock the drivers door with the key, only the driver's door unlocks, none of the other doors even lock. So actually I can only lock one of my doors. When I try to manually lock the passengers, the key turns a little bit but I'm afraid if I put too much pressure on it, then the key will break.

posted by  Pmutch

so more than likely the locking system in the 3 other doors is stiff or seized you will need to take your door panels off and spray the lock system you might free them up (note keep the window up you dont want to get wd-40 or other lube on the windows)save's on clean-up time

posted by  osborste

Did the other 3 doors all go bad at the same time?
If so, it'd be unlikely that they'd all sieze up at once.

If not, that's probably your best bet.

It's hard to do too much wrong taking door panels off. Sometimes they're a little bit fiddly to get back on, but you won't screw up your car.

posted by  windsonian

I'm not sure whether they stiffened up all at the same time or not. I bought the car like that. I'll try wd40 though.

posted by  Pmutch

if one single lonely man owned it then he would have no reason to be using the other doors so yeah it's possible they all siezed up, the motors might work fine but the linkages are stuck, k.i.s.s. :wink2:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the first thing i say is use lock lubricant,not wd 40. if the locks are seized ,the actuators could have roasted too.some remotes have a thing where you push once ,drivers door only,click twice,and it unlocks all of them.
but since your locks are all seized,this is only something to try after you get the locks going.some cars have vacuum operated locks,like AUDI for one.
that will give weird trouble too.door panels are not that hard to remove ,but be careful not to damage the plastic that seals out stuff.the sealant is the same stuff used to seal windshields,an auto glass place will help with that.
i have found once you remove the plastic,the stuff loses its stickiness,and you should put new sealant on it.might want to get a few retainer clips too...
those are barbed and are easily damaged when removed,depending what type you have.it will help your door panels from popping off after....

posted by  the lobster

[QUOTE=the lobster]the first thing i say is use lock lubricant,not wd 40. if the locks are seized ,the actuators could have roasted too.some remotes have a thing where you push once ,drivers door only,click twice,and it unlocks all of them.

what are you saying lock lubricant is???

posted by  thefonz

WD40 has better penetration than graphite so would be the lube of choice for freeing the linkage and locks, although if the accuators are not trying to unlock the doors ie. clicking you have other problems such as bad wiring or burned up accuators. Check the linkage first though, at least you will be able to lock and unlock the doors by hand. This is a very common problem with those cars.

posted by  srober32

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