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Hey guys i got a 95 accord 4 cylinder. And under the hood looks like $hit. I was wondering what is the best method to clean the engine block and EVERYTHING around it. Is there a prefered spray or just some good old elbow grease and a brush. Please help I got new spark Plugs, wires, and the new Optima battery (yellow :mrgreen: ) in the mail and i dont want it contrasting that ugly grime under the hood. Thanks

posted by  Stem

I usually spray engine degreaser on it and hose it down, and you forgot to introduce yourself :evil: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

When you use engine degreaser, dont u have to collect the water and recycle it or something? Thats teh only reason I have never tried it before...way too much water to collect.

posted by  devilzfan300

I'm scared to wash the engine of my 94 Accord...last time I tried it, I fried a temperature sensor to a radiator fan and the damn thing wouldn't turn off! Cost me over $100 to fix... :ohcrap:

posted by  hondaman

This may not apply to you cause my cars old but to get the grime off my 32 year old engine i sprayed some engine degreaser on the block than removed the valve covers on it (that time dark brown/black) and i dipped them in stail gas and scrubbed to get them back to that new engine orange. It may not apply to you considering ur motors prolly a bit newer. :laughing: .

posted by  sandlercd_22

Can someone please answer this question? I was going to buy a degreaser from autozone, but I read that you need to recycle the waste....seems like a big hassle. What do you guys do?

posted by  devilzfan300

I just dump it in my yard or atleast pull the car into the yard

posted by  99integra

fire engine up, let idle and warm up good for about 5 mins, open hood with engine still runnning, spray degreaser on motor, rinse engine off with careless abandon (if degreaser is the only thing we have to worry about polluting the environment, weve got it made), let engine run until dry. :thumbs:

posted by  adamc44

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