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I have 97 Honda Civic LX 4DR with 110K miles.

For last couple of days there is noise either comming from exhaust system or something at bottom or behind the car. Noise intensity increases by pressing gas. The more I press the gas, noise intensity increses.

What would be the problem? I'm thinking about there must be something wrong in the exhaust/muffler.

posted by  97HONDAGUPT

could be a loose heat shield or broken baffel in the muffler or a hole in the exhaust system have it checked

posted by  osborste

Thanks for quick response.

I think it's grinding noise that either comes from bottom of the car or back of the car. This noise increases with pressing gas paddle. But when car is idle than this noise is very low.

Previously there was rattling noise (sound like some bolt or metal sheild is broken or loose that makes noise) that comes occassionally. Delar told me that is not a major problem and it'll cost $100. So I ignore it.

Do I need to fix/replace my heat sheild or exahust? How much it generally cost?

posted by  97HONDAGUPT

i'm not sure where your from but most muffler shop's will do a free inspection get a couple of estimate's and work from there if they find nothing wrong then let us know and we'll start looking at other possibilities

posted by  osborste

Thanks for response.
I'm in NJ

posted by  97HONDAGUPT

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