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Howdy all.

This is my first post here. Looks like a great place!

My brother has a 1996 Sebring Convertible. It is the 2.0 4cyl version.

I have been driving this car for a couple of days now, and there is a very
loud vibration coming from the front driver side of the car. The noise sounds
like something rubbing on the front left tire, and it goes away when I turn
right. It gets louder and higher in pitch the faster I go.

I do not see anything touching the tire, so I am thinking bad wheel bearing.

Being that all of these cars are front wheel drive, I am worried that it will
be an expensive fix.

Can anyone comment on whether this sounds like a wheel bearing, and what
it would take in cost and money to replace it?

I thought it would be nice to get it fixed for him while he is out of town, as
sort of a birthday present... But the car is old and beat up and not worth
fixing if it is going to be expensive. (140k miles and leaks oil real bad)



posted by  zim64half

you say the noise goe's away turning right(worn brg the tire shifts at the top / \ )do you find it louder turning left just did a wheel brg on a 92 caravan the guy drove it and destroyed the brake rotor and pads look at the wheels from the front if the tire on the drivers side looks like it leans in on the top \ then i would think the brgs bad you might be in the same boat as the 92 with rotors and pads as the grove in the rotor also wreaks the pads (the rotor was rubbing\grinding into the spindle\knuckle at the strut on the 92 check here for your noise)

posted by  osborste

The noise pretty much stays the same whether I am turning left or going

It only goes away when I turn right. It also gets louder with increased speed.

The wheel does not appear to be leaning one way or the other.


posted by  zim64half

straight or left turn the rotor would rub and a right turn the rotor and tire would lean opposite with the bad wheel brg try grabbing the top of the tire and shake hard side to side you might hear the play in the brg or rotor hitting the strut\knuckle

posted by  osborste

jack up the car.remove the wheel.look at the surface of the rotor? is it smooth and shiny or rough and scarred looking.the rear side the same? move the wheel,gently.if the bearing is bad , sometimes its better to replace the hub.by the time you remove the bearing it works out the same.at 100 for a bearing and 200 or so for a hub,but the bearing is pressed into the hub.and by the time you pay for the labor,it almost equals.you will also need to do a front end alignment.if it is the brakes that are rubbing,you will need to do both sides.the sebring rotors are small for the size of the car and warp easy if you turn them more than once.aftermarket rotors are almost the same money as turning them and you will not have a skinny rotor.if you do the brakes you have to do both sides.i would have a professional check it.if the bearing siezes,you risk doing transmission damage,or best scene,cv joint damage.speaking of which the noise could be that too.if you have lost some grease from a cracked boot,it can howl.... it will run some money to fix..no doubt.get someone to look at it soon.

posted by  the lobster

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