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over the last few days Ive noticed like a squealing/whine, mostly very high pitched, but sometimes slightly lower. This occurs after driving about 15miles. I assume its coming from the wheel. it's as if the wheel part needs some oil!

If i tap the brakes the sound stops, then starts again once i lift my foot of the brake. Moving the steering wheel also temporarily changes the the squealing pitch/stops the noise.

I took it to my vauxhall dealer and they coundnt find any problrems -they checked the brakes/caliper.

I has this very same problem with my old rover car!

I have an astra w reg 2.0 sri

any suggestions what it could be?

posted by  Ian Price

i'm not familiar with the brake's on your car but i have seen thin metal shims and clips put on pads(anti rattle clips) these get bent overtime or put on improperly and rub on the rotor while rolling they scape the rotor and squeal just a thought

posted by  osborste

maybe you have metal bits in one of the pads or some condensation that has turned to rust on the back of the rotor,where they may not have looked.the
wear indicators will do a noise like that too,but you say you had them checked.i would get a second opinion.

posted by  the lobster

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