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Went out to start my car the other day and well it didn't start. Turned the key and I got nothing, not even a clicking noise. Just dead silence. The car has been sitting for a couple months but I checked and charged the battery and its reading 12-14 volts which is plenty to turn the car over. So read the manuals and went after what they said to do if your engine doesnt crank .Replaced the starter since it failed all 6 tests, but the car still did not start. Checked every fuse I could find and everyone was good. Even went after the ignition switch and checked that, and that was fine. i have all my interior lights and headlights, doesn't make sense? Although now I'm thinking its the alarm doing all this. I really don't know anything about the orginal alarm that came with the car but I bought the car with an aftermarket alarm as well. On the key ring it says Viper but I also have a special key that is needed to start the car and it is a Clifford. If anyone can help me it would be great I have to get the car running ASAP! Thanks so much!

posted by  KraziSupra93

it looks like an issue with the alarm there
a valet switch under the dash? if you put in the key and put it to the run setting,change the switch.then shut off and try to start it.the only other option is to look and see where it was installed underneath and hook up the original wires the way they were.most of these are wired to the starter and the fuel pump.there is a switch called a safety neutral switch that can cause the same thing,if you have an automatic transmission.if you have a standard,
it could be the clutch interlock switch.check by the clutch pedal and see that
a wire or the switch is not broken.....

posted by  the lobster

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