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Hello all- I need some advice re: engine swapping. I've got a '97 volvo 850SE (20V) with a blown engine. Lets just say I cannot afford to get a new engine or rebuild this one. And sitting in my driveway is my old reliable backup ride - a 1992 Nissan Maxima SE (3.0 V6). The nissan has suffered some rust but the engine is perfect - 140k since new! My question is can I transplant the nissan engine (and transmission) into the volvo? I've heard of people putting v8 engines into their volvo 740's but they had cavernous engine bays. Any help will be much appreciated.

posted by  Jarel

the time and effort it will take to do all that is not worth it .you are better off to get the body redone on the nissan,or look for a good used engine.
just how blown is the volvo engine anyway?

posted by  the lobster

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