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Noticed my check engine light comin on a few weeks ago, started poking around and checking things, i was running pretty low on oil. put some in and the light went away for a day or so. it started coming on again recently. was told it could be the o2 censor or something? if so...is this a dire problem? ie, can i go without it? what else could the light be coming on for?



posted by  celicast90

the 02 sensor tells the computer how completely the fuel is burned.they are 60 to 100 dollars to replace .it is located on the exhaust .some vehicles have more than 1 .if the computer gets wrong readings,it will go to a default setting,and your gas mileage will suffer.the location of it varies,but it is usually just after the exhaust manifold before the catalytic converter.an excessively rich mix can burn out the cat converter.it is very advisable to replace the sensor.if it is at a spot where you can get at it,you will need a special tool to change it.the wire that goes to it is under alot of heat,and break easy so be careful.

posted by  the lobster

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