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Where is the thermostat for the cooling system located at? How can I access it? A picture would be great. Thanks.

posted by  janeenaj

how this (2.2L is similar)

posted by  osborste

I truly appreciated this. I shall go outside to see if I can find it.
What happened was the upper hose near the clamp had a one inch crack. The hose had been replaced with a new one and a new clamp. I also had replaced the distributor cap gasket because of this incidence. I restarted the car and noticed the heat did not come out from the heater after I turned on the engine for 15 minutes. There were heat when heater was not on, but as soon as I changed the heater to high, only cool air came out. I shall recheck the whole experiment today to see if anything change. Thanks for your assistance.
BTW, is there an easy way to get to the thermostat without take out the distributor which is on the top of upper hose? It seems there is no room to move to reach to that part.

posted by  janeenaj

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