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i do car audio repairs at the westland flea market in columbus ohio, if you have questions on your car audio equipment please feel free to ask me, i would be happy to help if i can. you can e-mail me at or leave me a im via yahoo and hopefully i can help you save some money and that cd player you miss so much

posted by  donaldnjamie

i was a tech for 13 years .here is a good one .the backlit display (red) for the radio goes out.
the bulb is not available from gm,the radios are 450 dollars.if you take a #28 bulb and solder it in place,(the factory bulb is mounted on a soldered in brown socket)it works perfect.i have fixed alot of these.i am actually doing these for a gm dealer,for customers that do not want a new takes 15 minutes.pull the top cover and the bulb is inside the white plastic piece.

posted by  the lobster

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