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hey guys, i have a C4 in my 70 torino. the car came with 3.00 gears from the factory. now i have 3.50s in it. i know need a different driven gear. does anyone offhand know the number of teeth on the DRIVE gear in the trans, or even the number of teeth id need for the driven gear.

i could take my old one out, count, do the math, and order one, but the torino would be undriveable since all the fluid would drain out (?)

so if i can figure out what i need before i start taking stuff apart, that would be best

thanks guys

posted by  SoundPer4mance

your going to have to pull it out anyway to get the color or number of teeth for the ford dealership to tell you what you have, what ever the number of teeth are on the gear i think adding 2 to the total will just about do it
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

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