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Today I got a Pontiac Grand Am giving to me. I'm pretty sure it is a 3.3 lit V6. The whole car is in great shape except It won't start. I thought maybe a bad stater, but its fine, then I though the fuel injector, but I found out it is getting fuel. I checked all the spark plugs and they are fine. But I'm replacing them tommorow, since the car has set for a while.
Then I was told it could be the Coil Pack. I think thats the name. I bought thoses and still no fire, I took the Coil Pack back. Then was talking to a Friend who knows a lot about Pontiac's (well more than me) and he said he thinks the part the Coil pack sets on. He said thats what goes bad most of the time. I think he called it the coil module or something like that. Does this sound familar with anyone else?
I'm pretty sure its just the spark plugs not getting fire. So its this probably the reason behind this?


posted by  Jayclark

check the fuse's is there a sevice engine light on check for any code's might be a bad crankshaft sensor no signal for start(ignition) let us know about the code's if any or not then we can offer other things to check

posted by  osborste

Lets think this through

Get a wiring diagram for the ignition system and engine management system - without one, the following exercise is futile.

No spark on a GM 3300 @ any of the spark plugs.

The ignition module reveives power from a 20A fuse in the located in the fuse block (normally under dash on drivers side although sometimes found near glove box on passengfer side) Make sure ignition module is getting power. Veirfy the ignition module ground is solid.

The ignition gets its reference signals for engine speed and position via a crank shaft position sensor. The GM 3300 has no camshaft position sensor. Verify the crankshaft sensor is reveiving a 5V reference signal from the Ignition Module. If it is receiving the 5V signal, the crankshaft position sensor is probably bad.. If not, the cause of this problem (wiring between ignition module and crankshaft sensor or the ignition module itself or the wiring between the ECM and ignition module could be bad - the problem will have to be investigated further)

Once the crankshaft sensor has been dealt with, lets look toward the ignition module. - you said you replaced it with a known good module.

If this does not improve the situation, then we need to look @ the wiring between the ECM and the Ignition Module and verify the ECM grounds are solid.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

It was the Coil Moduel, its been replaced and turned over fine, I did give it back to the orginal owner for his daughter to drive, since I have to many cars already. :mrgreen:

posted by  Jayclark

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