91' nissian sentra no start.

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No start, 91 Nissan Sentra, gxe 1.4L

All lights work, battery is testing out fine. Seems that the engine is grounding correctly, but when the key is turned to start, there's one little click and then nothing. This happened this afternoon. Three days before it did it while I was out do some errands on my break, so I returned to work on foot. After work I tried her out, and she started as though nothing had happened. Worked the next day too. I have noticed a recent horse power loss.

Thank you in advance for any help or thoughts you might have. I noticed a similar problem in another post (in fact that's what brought me here) which leads me to think it it's the starter, but if it were, wouldn't it try to go? And wouldn't it instantly be a persistent problem, as in it wouldn't work until fixed?

Evan Corbett

posted by  goodlyshomepage

next time try shifting to neutral if automatic theres a safety neutral switch that keeps the car from starting in gear and the contacts can wear over time

posted by  osborste

Yeah, tried that, was a no go, or no start still rather. Also tried turning the overdrive off, taking key out completely, and retrying. Cleaned the terminals on the battery.

Amend my car to having 1.6L... somewhere dyslexia or something chewed that number up in my head.

From doing further web research, I think I've narrowed it down to Starter, Solenoid, some sorta fuse, or this thingy: http://www.samscars.com/mage9.html

I've got the same thing on my Sentra, and tomorrow in the day light I'll check it out, and report back.

posted by  goodlyshomepage

If Your Car Has A Nippon Denso Starter...they Are Known For Bad Contacts In The Starter....if You Try It A Few More Times,it Will Kick Over,eventually.... 93 -97 Toyota All Have This Problem ,so Do Nissan....that Is Of Course That It Is Not The Battery,terminals,
Solenoid,generally,if The Safety Switch Is Open...you Get No Click
Because It Is Wired In Series With The Solenoid Control Circuit.as Well As Some Also Disable The Electronic Ignition Too....

posted by  the lobster

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