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I'm having a slight problem with my wifes 92 accord. It's an automatic. We had a problem with the distributor. The bearing was no good but instead of replacing the distributor we replaced just the bearing. After that the tack started jumping all the way up to 7000 RPMs but the idle still seemed the same. but then we realized that one of the spark plug wires was no good so replaced that. (Should i change all wires?). The tack started to settle down after about a week and there was no more jumping, so we thought. Last night I drove for several hours on the highway and the tack started doing it again. but only when i was up to speeds of 90 or more with the RPMs at 2800 and up then all of a sudden drop to under 1000, and when it dropped the car would cut out and jolt a little like it was miss firing. i had it in cruise for a while as well and when the tack started jumping the car would just pick up speed. it would keep going and going past what i set the speed to be. it was like it didn't know how fast we were going. at this point i don't think it is the distributor any more but a wiring problem. please help. sorry for the long question.

posted by  kandk

92 accord EX-R 2.2L Auto 4 door

posted by  kandk

I was oustide checking my spark plug wires. the number four wire going into the distributor cap looked like it was melted. i'm guessing i'm getting none or sporatic firing causing the vehicle to lose power when at higher RPMs. What would cause the wire to look as if it is melted and would having only 3 plugs and one firing once in a while cause my tack to jump all over when at higher RPMs?

posted by  kandk

Heat or oil contamination could cause the wire to look burnt. sounds like you have a problem with some electronics inside the distributor. You should have it tested so that you are not just throwing money at it.

posted by  srober32

the distributor is full of little sensitive goodies that drive the ignition system.
if you fractured anything,it is asking for it.i would change the wires for 50 bucks.use the originals.some have a specific resistance . if the problem is still there,you disturbed something in the distributor.scope the signals driving the ignition module and see if the input is erratic. if it were mine ,i would replace the distributor,if the bearing was bad you must have 160000 miles or so on it .....

posted by  the lobster

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