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my 240sx is smoking a lot when im in the first 2 gears. Is there anything I can do to help. I was told that my cat is bad.

posted by  distincjive25

So the smoke is coming out of the exhaust system? Not the engine? Just take it to a muffler shop.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Unless You Have Ingested Plastic Into The Cat,i Dont Think So.
The Common Problem With Your Car, A 2.4 Litre Dohc Engine ,
Are Broken Upper Guides On The Timing Chain,and Valve Guides.that Will Make Your Engine Smoke At High Rpm.disconnect Your Exhaust,does It Smoke ?......
The Problem Shows When You Change The Oil For The First Time,because They Have To Drain The "no Smoke".....

posted by  the lobster

Take away it's cigarettes.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

well the catilic converter is designed to convert the gas from your engin ! after your car is warmed up then the car should not smoke, if the car smokes the frist time you go thru frist and second gear then its natural but if it smokes every time you go thru the gear then i say you have emission problems, try changing the filters mabey its not getting enough air compaired to gas, being the reason it dont smoke once you get to a certin speed becouse the air is forced in more, if that dont help then give it a tune up and make sure its not over full on oil, oh yeah if the catlic convertor is going bad once its warmed up you should smell something thats reminds you of rotten eggs,mostly when you come to a stop but its probley your air filter being too dirty good luck

posted by  donaldnjamie

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