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what's the difference between a super and a turbo. Cn you put both on a car safely, can you do multiples, what are the beneifits :confused:

posted by  antiJDM

A supercharger sits on top of the intake and is run by a belt.

Turbo sits wherever you want, and is run by the exhaust.

That's the only difference really. Both of them just compress air.

In some cases you can put a SC or Turbo on an engine without hurting it, but it most, you need to modify the engine so it can withstand the extra abuse it's going to recieve from it (ie, stronger rods and a stronger crank)

What do you mean multiples? As in a supercharger AND a turbo? or twin SC's/twin Turbos?

I've never heard of anyone putting both a supercharger and a turbo on an engine.

I've never heard of twin superchargers mainly because it's run by a belt, there's no need for two.

Twin Turbos are available, generally one turbo is samller than the other and is used to fire up the second bigger turbo. Any time you see "TT" on the back of a vehicle, generally it means "Twin Turbo". Audi's use a lot of them, and so does Nissan on their 350's.

The benefeits are a much higher power/weight ratio. Instead of dropping a 700lbs V8 in your vehicle, now you can drop a 300lbs I4 in and slap a turbo on and get the same power as that V8, but lose a lot of weight. But it punishes the engine more, so it won't last as long generally as an N/A engine.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

So these aren't superchargers because they're not "on top of the intake"? Have I got that right or is someone else confused? That's okay, we already know the answer.

posted by  vwhobo

vwhobo, How does the roots supercharger compress air? I think I read that it doesnt have a internal compresssion ratio. So how does it compress air hobo?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Do turbo kits shorten aengines life???? Is it better to make custom one or just buy the kit.. I see they go for around 3k

posted by  mumin

Not a problem as long as you drive conservatively and keep the engine tuned, cooled and oiled.

For US$3k you could turbo 4 cars if you look hard enough for the parts and DIY.

posted by  Wally

I know that intercooler is for cooling the engine... yes??? Is there anything elese to cool down the engine?? IT reminds me of overclocking my computer heh . Same heat issues. And what gives more power super or turbo???

posted by  mumin

the purpose of the intercoller is to cool the charge of hair going into the engine to make it denser, not really to cool the engine. a turbo would take a bit longer to spool up and u probly wont get as much off the bottom end from a standstill. since a supercharger is belt driven, id have better response, but take a little power off the engine since it is directly connected.

posted by  drracing07

Another question.. I suppose that when I get turbo or super don't I have to think about changing transmision to better ,and all little parts in the engine because turbo will give too much power for regular components that were there already?

posted by  mumin

If you are talking about putting a turbo on an import the tranny willl at least need some work and a back up one is a good idea. Fast and Furious did not show all the kiddies that little thing, however it is reality and very expensive. On the other hand a supercharger will require a lower end beef up and a tranny upgrade. A supercharger will give you more immediate power on low end and a turbo kicks in at higher RPMs and actually better fuel economy because it is not always engaged.

posted by  srober32

Too much torque can break a tranny? How?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Lots of import trannys are made with some aluminum internals which if not aircraft grade are not all that strong and don't hold up to torque or to pounding too well, in addition to having thinner clutch bands and in general smaller parts to save on overall weight and spinning mass.

posted by  srober32

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