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Since this thread is talking about enhancing Olds 455's, I am looking for some tips/advice on fitting this big block motor in a rusted 1979 Chevy Scottsdale 10. My dad has two of these old monster motors (From two '76 olds 98's), and I have been told that the bell housing and the motor mounts are WAY different from the Chevy 350 and 454. Does anyone have any advice on a CHEAP way to make things fit? My Scottsdale is a rusty piece, and will never see a license plate again (It's is just an old farm truck).


My dad wants to put the other 455 (in much better shape) into a 1967 Chevrolet two ton, which is registered and used for hauling cattle/grain/lumber on a regular basis. Under the hood there is enough space to sleep beside the straight-six motor :screwy: , yet our local mechanic still says the bell housing won't fit :ohcrap:.

Are there any mounts that could be made/bought to make it match the frame, and PLEASE, how can the chassis fit the tranny withought saws all on both the trucks mentioned? I also hear the oil pan shapes differ between the Buick and Olds 455, and the Chev 454 :doh: . Can I use the motors that I have?

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posted by  Chopper_262

yep, they're different all right. first off, you're going to need a "BOP" tranny for the 455. that means a trans like yours (THM350 or THM400) that was intended to bolt up to a buick, olds, or pontiac engine. identification: the pan will be identical to yours, but the bellhousing area, instead of coming to a point at the top (chevy) will have 2 raised "ears" with bolt holes in them. kind of a "U" shape. this you can bolt up to your 455 and should use that same trans mount that you currently have. as far as motor mounts, the easiest solution might be to use the olds brackets and insulators, set the engine/trans in using the trans mount as reference (you can check pan clearance now, too) and note the hole locations where the insulators line up on the crossmember. given the varying engine choices of gm trucks, it might already have holes in the required locations. if not, put them there, making sure the engine is properly centered. then check out all the other things that might put a damper on things, like water pump outlet location, etc. 455's were used for a long time in a lot of different oldsmobiles, so with some junkyard wandering, you might find a water pump or oil pan that might work with your setup. good luck!

posted by  dodger65

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