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Does anyone know where to get custom wide body kits made? specifically for a camaro or trans am. thanks much

posted by  MidKnightZ

Well, well, well. Is that for any year in particular or are you looking for a universal kit for all Camaros and Firebirds? :rolleyes: And what exactly do you mean by "custom wide body kit"?

A quick search on Yahoo comes up with about 12,000 hits for "Camaro wide body kit". I'm sure you can find something.

posted by  vwhobo

lets move this to "repairs and maintinance"

posted by  SuperJew

I am looking for 98+ camaros and firebirds, and the results on yahoo prove difficult to sort through because this isnt something manufactured, I'm looking for more of fiberglass molding techniques and such as a wide body kit is like a body kit that goes over the whole car, it creates a larger wheel well for wider tires, at times makes the front end wider than the rear, and various other things. this is always seen on imports in car shows, and rarely ever on a domestic, especially an f-body. i was just looking to see if anyone knew a place that made wide body kits for imports because they would have a better knowledge of it as opposed to just any shop that does moldings.

posted by  MidKnightZ

check www.bodykits.com

posted by  Satty101

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