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Hey Forum,

I have not been around for a while so HEY to all you guys that I have not seen for a while. I have been busy with work and buying more vehicles to play with. :mrgreen: I have a technical issue going on with my 1996 Grand Am that I would like to run past some of the more "techie" people on here to see what they think about it.

Here is the scenario which started back this past summer about August.

I will be driving the car either on the interstate (99% of the time) or around town (only twice) and I may or may not have cruise control enabled. All of a sudden, the car starts to feel as if the engine is surging/running rough(this is my warning she is about to act up) and then the automatic trans. does not know what to do so she'll drop the torque converter out of lock-up and the car will buck.....then all of a sudden the Tachometer will instantly drop to zero...the dash lights might come on for just a second and then everything is back to normal...and the engine feels as if it died during this time and then recovered.....it's not just the dash cluster, the car lost power because I can mash the accelerator and she is not there, no responce. There is a momentary loss of power and then it is usually alright again. If it dies, it will re-crank, if it just runs rough, I can pull over and put it in Neutral or Park and throttle the gas a little and she'll be fine.

Now, I was coming back from Raleigh, NC not too long ago and when I had gotten all the way home, I pulled into my neighborhood and then she completely died this time.....it re-cranked but then was running rough, missing and then dying and doing it all over again when I re-fired it. I convinced myself it was dead and let it set for about 10 min and then re-fired it and stepped on the gas and she was fine. After five minutes it was dead again and would do nothing but crank and crank. Another 10 minutes and it was fine and never did it again. I drove it for another month and no problems around town. This weekend I took it back to raleigh and on the way there on I-85 I experienced the momentary loss of tach and lights on the dash and then it recovered on the interstate. Once I was in Raleigh, it bucked and missed once and then another time it died and always re-fired like normal and went on. Coming home yesterday, it did not have a glitch once...ran perfect.

I am convinced something is causing a momentary loss of either fuel or ignition. No code are set in the pcm such as crank/cam sensor and no codes such as mis-fires. This does not cause the CEL to illumiate either. I have considered fuel pump, ignition module/coil and crank/cam sensors. The problem is there is NO determining when it will happen and sometimes she'll go for more than a month before it choses to do it again. It has never been non-recoverable but sometimes she takes longer to recover. Dash clusters in these cars are garbage and I have put a new one in it three times......could the electronic dash cluster be doing this? Something has got to be causing either fuel or ignition to be lost, but why? I might not have the problem re-present itself for 2 months, who knows. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I am just sort of wondering when to go in my troubleshooting because I can go out there right now and the car is fine. No codes, no problems and how can I troubleshoot that? Thanks for the assistance!! :mrgreen:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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