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I HAVE A 2001 Ford Explorer Sport trac. When accelerating, at about the 2500-3100 rpm range, i get a weird noise...sounds very loud like a vibration or something...and when i hit like 3200, it stops...any idea what this could be and how to fix it? its been goin for the last 40,000 or so, but its gotten worse lately(truck has 86,500)


posted by  ASZKUTAK450

its actually more of a clickedly click noise, and if you hold the speed there, it continues....

posted by  ASZKUTAK450

A friend of mine has one of these vehicles with a similar problem. It has something to do with the chain (or chains) driving the o.h. cams. I will learn more monday, but I do remember it is relatively inexpensive to fix, unless it lets go, then it is catastrophic to engine. Joe

posted by  26667

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