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Hey, i just bought a 1965 Ford Thunderbird and it is in wonderful condition. A heavy car...i know but it is great. it is completely stock right now..390 v8. Well anyway, the point is, i want HoresPower...i want a cheap easy way to upgrade the engine a bit and still keep it within a reasonable price range. If anyone has anything they think would work, let me know. Thanks.

posted by  Nupper

super charger :thumbs: and if it has a two b carb get a four b carb

posted by  donaldnjamie

The best way of getting horse power out of that motor is to rebuild it, a supercharger on an old (fourty years) tired motor will probably end up with eight holes where your pistons used to be and no oil pan,(same result with most other mods) unless you rebuild the engine. If you do a rebuild above stock level you will be very happy with the results. :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

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