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Hi my name is James. I recently bought a 92 mustang lx 2.3l. It has a manual transmission. It ran fine for about a month, I only replaced the front struts and a ball joint because the car didn't ride too well. But the engine was fine to the best of my knowledge. Recently the check engine light has been coming on when I start it, and the engine idles at 550, much lower than normal. It also wont rev over 3000. It still drives, but is very un-responsive when compared to how it drove in the past. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, or maybe even experienced the same problem. Thanks a lot.

posted by  smtotheurf

Ckeck all of your wiring. i have the same car with an automatic and have noticed that EVERYTHING except the spedo is electronic. do a once over, u probly knocked something lose when u were changing the struts.

posted by  drracing07

get the code's read and when was the last major tune-up(plugs-wires-pcv-air and fuel filter)

posted by  osborste

how do i get the codes read?? im not sure when the last major tune up was, but now that you mention it... im sure it wouldnt hurt to do all that.

posted by  smtotheurf

you can buy/rent code reader's at most part's store's or call some garage's and see how much they charge just to read the code's the tune up is probably a good start if you don't know when the last one was done a plugged air filter make's it hard for engine to breath and will cause other problems (fuel/air mix)

posted by  osborste

i checked the wiring, the guages all seem to work ok... but now i have a new problem. i must have screwed something up because the lights in the dash dont work now. the fuse blew so i put in a new one, and that one blew too, so im gonna have to take it apart again and look it over, but i dont think thats where the original problem came from.

posted by  smtotheurf

If you have a hissing sound when you push on the gas you might have a catilytic converter problem.

posted by  srober32

i would check all the wiring for sure.here is how weird wiring can be.i had a guy bring in an alpine 240 watt amp with a blown right side .only blows when he turns a left hand corner.IMPOSSIBLE I SAID.
AFTER Ibench test with a dummy load ,unblowable.he puts it back and blows it up again.after i fix it again,( this time i put a 5 amp fuse in series with the speaker wire)i install it and sure enough ,turn right ,ok......
turn left,it blows the fuse.turns out that one of the original dash wires got pinched in the heater control,and would touch and ground out,shorting the outputs to ground. SO WHAT I AM SAYING IS ALWAYS CHECK THE WIRING CAREFULLY FIRST.

posted by  the lobster

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