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I am having problems with my 99 cavalier. I can get the car started by using my after market remote start, but if I were to use my ignition key it doesn't even try to crank over. I think it's an ignition switch problem, but I am not sure. Please help...

posted by  vz9c6c

have the wiring checked most time's it's the way the remote starts are put in cut wire's splice and tape not soldered and heat shrinked tubing

posted by  osborste

Yup, how long ago was the remote start installed?

posted by  srober32

the remote start was installed about five years ago, and it's been working great. all of the sudden this problem came up. Litteraly over night...Thanks in advanced for any info and advice.

posted by  vz9c6c

there is a relay that will disable the key start,when you use the remote.
if the relay has gone bad ,it is not closing the starter loop on the key circuit.
these are usually dpdt type.(double pole double throw.).check and make sure one of the clips has not fallen off.if it is not the relay,and it is the brain,you will have to see if the manufacturer is still in business .check with the people that put it in.....you might have a valet switch,too that you can try to see if it will start.

posted by  the lobster

checked the relays and everything is good. I finally broke down and took it to a dealer and the mechanic told me that it is in my ignition switch. But thanks for all the help.

posted by  vz9c6c

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