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ey guys im new at this car stuff so i need sum help on this whole turbo thing.........alright first i need help on knowing wut is the hissing sound that the car makes i read that it was the BOV that made that noise.........but i cant figure out where the BOV goes or wut i needs to work or anything............people tell me its turbo but that crap runs for like 3,000............too much money wut i want is that hissing sound please explain wut is needed to install one...........thanks.

posted by  f3l0n

You need a turbo and a BOV. The sound you hear is the charge pipe relieving pressure when the throttle shuts and the manifold is in vacuum. The vacuum signals the bov to open. Bosch plastic BOV is about US$20

Alternatively you can buy one of those recorded sound units with a speaker and act like you have one, although I can't understand why anyone would want to hear air escaping in the first place.

posted by  Wally

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