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i see the dimples for the cam shaft sprockets but i'm not sure how they are supposed to be oriented. at tdc. i know the crank damper has a mark for ten deg b4 tdc. also, how do i stop the engine from turning to take the crank bolt off? thanks in advance, jack

posted by  jackc396

hope this helps, and getting the crank bolt off, a couple of ways, if you can get at it with an impact gun... that will usually take em off, might move the crank a bit but you'll have to line up your marks again anyway, usually if the impact gun is not an option, ive heard of a couple of backyard tricks but don't take this advice as "THE WAY" of doing it.... just be cautious when using this advice... anyway some old guys used to pull a spark plug out and put a length of rope in there to stop the piston(rope and debris inside the cylinder isn't cool) so i would stay away from that, usually gets the job done but don't leave any foriegn material inside your motor.another way is to find out which way the starter turns the motor, and make sure you know which way the bolt on the crankshaft is threaded, you can wedge a breaker(or johnson) bar with a socket on the bolt and wedge it somewhere and break it free with the starter, this way is pretty scary but ive had to do it b4, if the belt is off when your doing this method, you got to be damn sure it isn't an interference motor or else the piston will strike the valves and then it gets expensive, if you need more detail, i'll type it out, either way good luck

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

If it's a standard toss it into gear and set the drive-wheels on the ground. If it's auto, few options.

1) And most obvious, leave the serpentine belt on.
2) Take off the bell-housing cover and get someone to hold a wrench on the ring-gear bolts, or get another person to use a cro-bar or anything that can jam in the teeth of the ring-gear to stop it from turning.
3) Get a longer bar (a lighter alloy bar is better (like thin steel or alluminum), easier to handle, and give a it a quick rap

You're going to have the same problem when tightening it, easiest way to tighten it is just disconnect the coil pack so the car can't start. Put a breaker-bar or something to that extent (a longer bar) on the crank bolt, and just hit the key, voila, car did all the work for you.

Note: This is all if an impact isn't available or useable.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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