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I put some oil in my car cause obviously the oil was low.
I went to start it and it cranked, turned on and then cut off.
Each time after that it would only crank and wouldnt start at all. :banghead:
Is it the starter or what??

posted by  stankyskanky

need more info :ohcrap:

posted by  srober32

Theres not much more I can say, I turn the key. The engine cranks, but wont start.
Nothing was changed on the car, no work done.
Only put some oil in and went to start the car and it turned on and just shut off.
It cranks but doesnt start

posted by  stankyskanky

Well, it is probably not the starter, it could be any number of things but without info like make, model, engine size, tranny there is not a whole lot that can be determined.

posted by  srober32

Ahh you should of stated that.
6 Cylinders 182 2 3.0L FLEX FUEL

posted by  stankyskanky

Have you checked for spark?

Can you hear the fuel pump?

Those being the easiest to check...

posted by  88GrandPrixSE
No, you should have stated that to begin with.

posted by  srober32

As Grand Prix says, we need to check for spark. And fuel.

Did you run low on fuel at all?

An easy way to check spark is to put on rubber gloves, remove a plug, and hold it against the engine block while an assistant cranks. Observe, it should give you a nice clean blue spark.

If it passes that test, then you should at the least be hearing a stumble from the engine as it tries to burn fuel. If it just turns flatly, no stumbling or firing, then you probably don't have any fuel. That might mean borrowing a pressure tester and following instructions for checking your injection pressure.

Man I miss the days of carburetors. They were so easy to check. Just dump some fuel in the venturi. *sigh*

posted by  pugsley

fuel pump is definitely one of the things you will need to look at....easiest way to tell if its on(as far as i know lol) is to just turn the ignition to "on" but not turning over....if your car has the fuel pump in the tank(i believe most do these days) then you should be able to step towards your fuel tank and hear a soft whine(or a loud whine, depending on the condition of the pump). If you hear that, then the fuel pump is running...

at least, thats what happened to my dads truck once....would turn over but not fire...fuel pump wasn't working...luckily enough, it was just the fuse :thumbs:

posted by  dodgerforlife

Could it be the immobiliser?

posted by  Wally

Yeah, fuel pumps suck to replace. Did one on my 220,000-mile Mazda pickup, took 2 days of hose cutting, yanking, tank cleaning, rust inhibiting, etc etc.

Turned out, in that case, it was the engine's computer - a 5 minute job to swap out. (this is the only case where I've ever seen the problem actually trace to the computer, fwiw - highly unlikely in most cases)

posted by  pugsley

A fuel pump should take you no longer than about 2 hours, there's not really much to it, just drop the tank and disconnect a couple hoses and wires and it's out, and for mechanical ones, even easier, about 20 minutes.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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