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I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla VE. It doesn't have power locks and I wish it did. Is it possible to retrofit these?

I have the Haynes repair manual and I know how to wire a stereo or replace a light, but not too much experience with car electronics beyond that. Any advice is appreciated!

posted by  moxfyre

Yeah, it can be done.

I'm in the process of fitting them on my gf's car. It's been a slow process due more to inactivity than difficulty. I put the actuators in on the weekend.

Do you want remote locking or just central locking?

posted by  windsonian

Thanks for the reply! Just central locking would be fine, I thought maybe I'd cut out a hole on the driver armrest and put a switch there.

If I understand correctly, the actuator is some kind of solenoid that mechanically pushes the door lock? My Haynes manual just shows a solenoid assembly sitting under the door lock button. I guess I would have to install these and then wire them to some central location where I'd put a button. Do you have any tips on this?

EDIT: I found this kit that apparently gives me the whole setup. Should I buy it? Seems cheaper than I expected.
And while I'm at it, the trunk can't be unlocked except with the key. I guess that's probably a little harder to wire up, what do you think?

posted by  moxfyre

The one I just bought was $39 (Aussie dollars) + $79 for the remote kit ... so you're getting a good price by the looks.

If you've got the extra cash, there won't be much extra work to put in the remote one. You do NOT need to cut a hole for the button. The way they work is EXTRA to the existing locks, not instead of. If you go for the non-remote version, it can be locked or unlocked in the standard way using the key or the internal door lock (i'm not sure if they're a stick or a switch in your car). The driver's door becomes the master (some kits have two masters for each front door, but it looks like that one doesn't).

The other 3 doors will operate exactly as they used to, but when you lock or unlock the driver's door, the other 3 will go to the same state (ie locked or unlocked).

The actuator is just a little motor that drives up and down. However, you don't attach it directly to the door lock button. If you look at the picture on that website, the long silver rods connect to the actuator, then clamp on to the rod that attaches to the lock button. The clamps are the little gold things in the plastic bag. This means that the lock button is still connected to the lock itself, but it is also connected to the actuator. So when one goes up or down, so does the other.

The trick is finding a place to mount the actuator (some cars will have holes already drilled), and then making sure the rod lines up the right way to push and pull the lock button. This may require cutting and/or bending of the long silver rods. Be careful doing this, you might need to heat it up with a blowtorch or something before you bend it or it might snap (I found out the hard way, and ended up using a piece of a coathanger for one of my rods).

This may sound a bit complicated, so let me know if you don't understand what I'm saying ... it's not too hard once you see all the bits. I'm happy to help you out with this one because I'm doing the same at the moment myself.

As for the boot (trunk) opener, this is an Aussie website, but try to find something similar closer to you. The boot hatch release is second from the bottom.... doesn't look too hard to me. The mechanical fitting is probably harder than the wiring. ize=10&keywords=&CATID=6&SUBCATID=34&form=CAT&SPECIAL=

Let me know if the website doesn't work.... better still, if it doesn't work, just do a google search for electus distribution, then go to the website and look for part number LR8834

posted by  windsonian

Windsonian, thanks a lot for your help. It actually sounds easier than I expected it would! I think I'm gonna go for the remote kit since it's so cheap.

posted by  moxfyre

cool, good luck with it :thumbs:

Post more here, or send me a private message if you need anymore help.

posted by  windsonian

yeah and dont forget about buying the 1000 dollar ecu youll need along with it!!

posted by  jnemeth

What are you talking about man? Why would you need that???? The locks are a separate system to the rest of the car. They don't need to be integrated into the ECU. They work on basic electronic principles - you send a signal to the receiver, it drives a relay that drives motors in the doors up or down. The only reason it needs to be attached to the car at all is to get power. If you wanted to, you could run the entire thing off another battery that sat under the seat or something .... the rest of the car and the car's systems wouldn't even know it was there.

posted by  windsonian

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