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I bought this car with low mileage and been in a barn but now the turnsignals won't flash. New bulbs, new flasher, new switch in steering column. Everything works correctly except the turnsignals. Once in awhile they will flash a couple times then quit. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :banghead:

posted by  jlmatt


Your problem could be found in faulty conections. Cars that are not used often tend to be vulnarable for faulty contacts. I would check your fuse box and I am surprised that you have only this problem. Most of the time, many occur at the same time.

Stop replacing parts and start following cables, disconnect connectors and clean them with contact spray and clough.. much cheaper and more effective.

As all signals seem to be rfusing their duty, I would check the wiring from power source to switch and relais.

Good luck,

posted by  SamJaarsma

some cars have two flashers one for the fourways and the other for signals maybe you replaced the wrong one

posted by  osborste

There is a relay that makes the turn signal flash. A power surge froze the coatcts in the off posiion. Replace the relay under the dash (or where ever it is)

posted by  ingelectric

make sure the button for the hazard lights isn't half way on, i chased an electrical problem with the turn signals for aboot an hour b4 i realized his hazard button was halfway on but the hazard lights weren't flashing, damn that was frustrating.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

if you move the column switch up and down ,do the signals flash once for each time ?if so the flasher is defective.if you get intermittent action from the signal switch on the column,clean the contacts with contact cleaner.
the car sat so long that the contacts are probably oxidized.this is a VERY
common problem in electronics switches on stereo equipment,especially potentiometers.use NUTROL not wd40 ,which can eat some plastics.

posted by  the lobster

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