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Hi I have an automatic 4 door 4 cylinder 94 Accord with 197,000 miles. It has been shifting very hard and it feels like the car is being driven by an amateur stick shifter. When the gears switch from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd there is a big jolt. How do I fix this problem. I don't have alot of money. How much would a honda accord transmission cost? Please help......the car shifting hard makes people nauseous.....thanks

posted by  94accordprobs


Hard shifting is the symptom for worn brake belts in your transmission. If it does that in all the gears, you are looking at a complete overhaul of the trans. Money can be saved by taking it out and put it back in yourself (with help of a (couple of) friend(s)?)

It's quite normal for Japanese lightweight construction to fail after 200.000 miles.. Make sure that the car is worth the investment as you might be looking at worn constant velocity joints, suspension parts etc. etc as well...

Good luck,

posted by  SamJaarsma

Just to clear this up. Is the car shifting at the correct points? Under light accel. is it shifting at the points you would expect...or does it appear to be shifting very late.

Good example: Slow accel...first gear to second at about 10-15 mph or so...second to third at about 20-25mph..

Or is it shifting from first to second when the engine is kinda "wound up" like a race car. Not going from first to second until it hits about 25-35mph.

Reason I ask is that I'm suspecting a clutch/band issue where they are worn to the point of grabbing. (high milage is a give-a-way) I've also run into this with a faulty sensor as well. Eg: the sensor(s) in question where telling the trannie the driver had his foot to the floor and it did very hard high speed shifting.

Just a suggestion, as I do not know your area. Some decent trannie shops will offer a free "roadtest" type inspection. We have a couple in the area I reside in. They will road test, check fluid, all the really basic stuff.. At no cost. At that time, if you are adapt at mechanical work and feel comfortable with R&R of a trannie? That will save you cost as noted. Most shops charge anywhere from $125-$350 and up for remove and replace a trannie.

I'm leaning towards the unit needing a rebuild however. Given the amount of miles on it..probably about due.


posted by  TedyBear

the check ball is worn through the separator plate.

posted by  the lobster

It could be worn motor mounts in addition to all that other stuff.

posted by  srober32

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