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Hey just need some info. I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier with high mileage. About 144,350 miles to be exact. I noticed a clicking sound coming from the engine on the right side of the car. It doesn't do it on startup just when it gets to temperature and only when the car is idling. It has been doing it awhile but I am getting tired of it and want to fix it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx

posted by  realistik

Are you talking about the cars right or your right when facing the car?

If it's the belt side (cars right) are you just hearing the compressor kicking in and out? Is it a continuous click or does it do it only once say every 15-30 seconds for example.

The info you gave is some-what... hard to give any reliable diagnosis on.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

It is the belt side of the car and it is a continuous clicking sound.

posted by  realistik


If the clicking sound can be described as a "knuckle", and you think it comes from the engine, it might be a knuckling piston: the wear alows the piston to swap sides in the cilinder. At high revs this does not occur as the forces put the piston to one side.

To find more specifics, you could get a tall screw driver and put it on various components of the engine (where you suspect the sound comes from). While the blade is pressed on the part, put one of your ears to the handle. This way you are able to "pinpoint" the exact location and a tech manual will tell you which part could be at stake..

Try the ear-screwdriver thing on your valve cover and find out which valves need adjustmehnt from the variation in sound...

Good luck,

posted by  SamJaarsma

first figure out if it is inside or outside the engine.turn off the a/c compressor.and the defrost because the 01 cavalier will auto run it.IS the sound a cracked belt,label,tensioner,pulley,water pump bearing,harmonic balancer,alternator,DOES IT CHANGE WITH ENGINE SPEED.?a sloppy belt will make noise when it heats up and expands.a common problem is a frayed piece going round.

posted by  the lobster

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