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Well about three months ago I smashed my passenger side door into a telephone a (manual) door for my Eclipse 1993 pretty cheap at a junk yard. I hung it and painted it. It worked for about two weeks and now it just does not moved...can't get it open from the inside or outside I dont have the key for the lock (came from junkyard) cant get the panneling of because of the way it fits in my door you need to have it open and I dont think it is sagging but it might..where should I take because I need to get it fixed pronto because I have prom coming up in a couple of weeks.....Locksmith, Mechanic, body shop???? ANY HELP WOULD BE SO HELPFUL :banghead:

posted by  Jovekhan

You're probably going to have to take it to a good bodyshop, where they will have the tools to get into the door and release the latch.

Sounds kind of like the internal lock rods came off from the inner latch assembly, as the outer latch/lock is a one piece unit. if it got locked and the inner rod came off of the inner lock/latch handle, the lock will have to be pulled at the door latch itself.

posted by  ChrisV

You should've kept the tumbler off the old door :screwy:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

So it's just acting like the door is locked? You pull on the handle and there is little or no resistance? No feel of the latch working one way or the other?

Sounds like the linkage could have fallen off? Or the door might just be slightly 'sagged' enough so the latch can't clear the nader bolt (the big bolt the latch hooks around). If you can pull on the handle and you feel decent the internal rod is moving the linkage to the latch? You could try and have a friend open the "door" latch..and attempt to lift the door slightly (while holding the handle as if to open) Or prehaps while holding the door handle 'open' have a friend give the door a bit of a shove from the inside to see if it will pop free. (being carefull of course. Don't want any broken windows)

If you do manage to get it open, you might find the bolt is slightly out of alignment with the latch. The bolt is adjustable in most cases. in/out/up/down. If the bolt is to far up or down? It will hang up on the latch. If it is to far in? The door might not latch correctly, or worse yet...if you slam it hard enough? The bolt will act like a wedgie against the latch. To far out? Sure the door will latch all the way...but get ready for wind noise and rattles. It's a very gentle minor adjustment to get it 'just right'


posted by  TedyBear

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