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i have a 1996 Chevy Silverado and about 2 months ago my daytime running lights just stopped working. as you all know they are the same bulbs as the regular headlights without the oranges. my DRL's stopped workin but my headlight works fine when i turn them on. i know about the override switch, that dont work, and my parking break is not engaged, and i checked the fuse and it looks fine. what else could cause the problem... any suggestions?

posted by  inf2nd

You probably have a bad relay

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

check the relay then the module for the daytime running lights

posted by  osborste

THERE IS A GREEN BULB THAT SHOWS THE DTR IS ON.they probably wired power for the module through the bulb,so once it goes......check the schematic.dash bulb,relay,module.

posted by  the lobster

If your headlights work and the DTR's don't you either have a loose connection or a bad relay.

posted by  srober32

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