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when I put my car in drive the car turns off. at first it was seeming to stay in 2 gear does this. if the transmission went out would it make the car cought off when i put it in to gear

posted by  terry47

Hi Terry,

You are a bit lean on details..

Yes, an engine can stall while putting it in drive. Most V8's (especially a 6.2 GM Diesel), will chew the complete transmission to pieces before stalling, so I assume that you have a Honda type 1.6 liter engine or similar...

What happens in neutral? Engine starting OK? Sounds powerfull when reving? Noises from the transmission?

If the engine runs OK and you continue to suspect the trans, remove the oilpan of the trans. Examine the oil after draining and examine the material in the transmission pan (if any). Most likely that you find broken pieces in the pan if your engine stalls if put in D. Clean them and take them to a transmission repair shop. They probably can quote to the cent exact what repair will set you back.

Removal and re-installation of the repaired trans will save quite a bit of money. Check your friends and find a car knowledgeable one that can spare two saturdays!

Good luck!

posted by  SamJaarsma

Might want to supply more detailed information. While this could be an issue with the transmission createing a "stall" condition for the engine? More is really needed to pin down the cause.

year/make/model...engine size..milage..etc..

When you start the engine it starts normally, correct?

When you put the car/van into Reverse? Does it act 'normally'..(as in..slight bump backwards as the trannie goes into gear)

When you put the car/van into 'drive' or any of the forward gears what exactly is it doing? Giving a minor/harsh surge 'forward' and then bogging down to a stall? Any odd sounds or viberations?


posted by  TedyBear

It's a honda accord 1987 2.2 with a 2bbl carb. when it's in park it ok and revs up but soon as you put it in gear the rpm starts to go down and then it just cut's off. seems that it might go in reverse but in the forward gears it shuts down.

posted by  terry47

Wow, people are mis-leading with trans problems. It's not the trans, the trans won't stall the engine unless it's going to opposite way of the engine. ie, throwing it in reverse while the car is moving forward.

Anyway, sounds like a carb problem. What happens if you let the engine warm up for about 5 minutes? What happens if you give in some gas at the same time as you toss it into gear?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I'd be going the easy route first and checking the ignition or loose wiring. If it engages in reverse I would be checking for loose wiring and maybe a bad engine mount aggravating the condition.

So first step check for dirty or loose connectors, followed by your points or ignition module, plugs, leads, dizzy cap and coil.

posted by  Wally

in your other post you asked for timinig marks, acceleration problems and compression(90 pounds)did you recheck your valve timing marks they could be out one tooth and your ignition timing cause this headache (87 honda accord)

posted by  osborste

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