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i wish to remove the air conditioner compressor and replace serpentine belt. Has anyone done this? Is it necessary to install an additional pully? I am unable to find a diagram for the 3.3 engine without air conditioning. Can anyone help me with the diagram?

posted by  hookertoo

checked in gates belt book #k060990 is w/ac and #k060980 is w/o ac now as for the routing only show's the one routing for both belts(all 7 pulley's) unless the ac is replaced by a idler pulley that you will have to check with the dealer or someone who has done this before(removing the ac)

posted by  osborste

Motormite's HELP brand has in the last year come out with a line of AC bypass pulleys. Check with them to see if they're making one for your Caravan. This listing shows none for Mopars but I know for a fact they make one to fit a 3.9.


Alternately, yes you can bypass the compressor but... The routing is something I couldn't explain online even if I remembered exactly how to do it.

posted by  vwhobo

Don't mind my asking, but why would you want to remove it? If you're worried about mileage, just disconnect it, there's no need to remove it..

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Disconnect it? By that do you mean unplug the electrical connector? If so, and he was only worried about fuel mileage doing that would do nothing to reduce parsitic drag. Wrong answer.

He wants to bypass it for whatever reasonand re-route the belt. Maybe his compressor is shelled out and he can't afford to repair it. Maybe he wants to make it a "race car" and thinks it's the thing to do. Whatever his reason he wants to bypass the compressor and your response does nothing to help him in his quest.

Before you type another word on this forum go get a dictionary and look up the words think, type and submit.

posted by  vwhobo

Maybe you should use a dictionary sometime, Good job on inventing words. You do realize disconnect and "unplug the electrical connector" mean exactly the same thing, except disconnect is much easier to type. Good job on making yourself look like an ass (1st time)

Or maybe he didn't know you could simply disconnect it, good job on making yourself look like an ass again (2nd time)

Ooh out come the insults, I'm deeply hurt, you must've been a very abused child, I'm so scared of the internet bully. :laughing: (3rd time, you're on a roll)

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I hate to break this to you twinkie but YOU'RE the one making yourself look like an ass 1, 2, 3... pretty much every time you post. Do you know what parasitic drag is? Do you know that there is a difference in disconnecting the electrical wiring and completely removing the compressor? My answer to those questions is absolutely not.

Reading your ongoing series of posts, otherwise known as bullshit, you have proven that you know very little about cars. Just enough to be dangerous to coin an old phrase. I suggest you pull your head out of your ass just long enough to find out how little you really know about the mechanical workings of motor vehicles and then shut up and listen. You might actually learn something.

posted by  vwhobo

If you remove the compressor, how much of a gain will you see? Will it help a little? Is taking off the p/s pump gonna give you a lil hp?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Very little depending on the compressor, but there IS a reason that Ryan Newman doesn't have A/C on his Charger. As for the P/S pump, most people nowadays don't want to have power steering by Armstrong. But the same answer would apply.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks for the routing, but... As luck would have it I put an alternator and a water pump on a '92 Caravan 3.3 today which of course made me think about this thread. The diagram you provided looked funny to me the other day but I couldn't quite put my finger on why, but now I know. The water pump in your diagram is due north of the crank pulley. On a real 3.3 the water pump is east northeast and the A/C is north east of that.

I don't know where you got the diagram but I'll bet it came from Autozone's website which means it's AllData. Never the less it's still incorrect. Thanks for trying though. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

holy crap, people! just ask him....

hookertoo; what has happened to make you want to remove the compressor?
what results do you hope to achieve?

thank you,

posted by  dodger65

nope gate's belts book routing #7006 for both app's its in the book i think its just to give an idea of the belts routing

posted by  osborste

What the hell does parasitic drag have to do with this? Do you even know what that is? So you're saying that the A/C pulley uses a special grease on the bearing that causes it to cause more drag than a normal pulley? Wow, you're a genius.

Parasitic drag is cause when moving a solid object through a liquid. Solid being bearings, liquid being grease. Good job numb nuts.

Did I say "remove" the compressor? I somewhat remembey myself saying "disconnect" it. God, you're the kinda person that needs his face beat in real good. You're so ignorant it's frusterating.

Go back to school.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

any moving object has friction the turning of the ac/ps/alt idler pulley's it put load on the engine(not much) but it doe's i learned that back in high school :2cents:

posted by  osborste

Excuse me dildo, but if you had 10% of the knowledge that you think you do you would know that parasitic drag relating to this thread is more or less defined as any power loss caused by moving or rotating a mechanical part with the engine. Due to the relatively heavy weight (inertial losses) of the A/C pulley combined with the drag from the bearings, a non-operating A/C compressor is generally the largest parasitic loss that can be easily removed from an engine. Obviously if the compressor is removed the A/C will be inop but that's the price to pay for a small power gain. However, simply disconecting the electrical conector will do nothing, at least nothing more than turning off the A/C so why bother?

I'm sorry to burst your self righteous bubble, but... You don't know enough to be giving out advice and you certainly don't know enough to challenge me. Shut up, read and pay attention and maybe you'll learn something.

As for your closing remarks, you have taken ignorance to a higher level. And stupid people always want to beat up the smart ones, it's called compensating for your inferiority. Have a nice day Zippy. Don't forget your lame response, we'll all be waiting.

posted by  vwhobo

You must've been a very deprived child. No friends, no money, no nothing. Because God, you're unbelievable. You're the most ignorant person I've ever had the privaledge of talking to. You can never have a civil conversation without bashing another person. Go say this stuff to your boss, or any other person face to face and see what happens.

Apparently I do know as much/more than you. Because the parasitic drag of both pulleys is IDENTICAL (unless the bearings are of different sizes, but let's just say they're the same). Weight has nothing to do with parasitic drag, despite what you may think. So now you're basically changing what you had said before. Parasitic drag only affects the bearings, not the pulley itself. notice "drag" which is another word for what is it again? "Friction" maybe, yah, that must be it, but I'm sure you realized with your superior "brain" that drag is a form of friction.

Do you know how much more power it takes to turn an A/C pulley (not engaged) than an idler pulley, it's beyond minute. What are you going to gain if you remove it? 0.001mpg or 0.001hp? Wow, all the work removing it and paying for the idler pulley/bracket was well worth it :screwy: Besides, you think you're going to notice anything on a van?

Lots of people disconnect their A/C units, it saves gas mileage. Defogging and many other functions on modern day vehicles engage the A/C unit. My car for instance, out of the 9 controls it has for airflow, only 2 don't engage the A/C. Now you see where it could be useful to dis-engage it?

I'll be awaiting more of your arrogance/ignorance.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

It's funny that just a few posts up you thought I was making up the words "parasitic drag" and now you've become an authority on the subject. As for your incorrect assertion that "drag" is only caused by the bearings, you have once again shown just how little you know and your brain is. Let me ask you a question twinkie. What exactly drives the pully (W/P, P/S, idler, tensioner, A/C, etc)? The belt you say? Correct, in a very simplistic juvenile way. What causes the belt to drive the pulley? You haven't guessed it yet so I'll tell you the secret. FRICTION.

The only reason you think I'm ignorant is because you're so deep in denial about your own lack of knowledge that when someone says something that doesn't agree with your OPINION of how things work it completely f*cks up your world. I'm not dealing with your opinion of how something operates, I'm dealing with the facts.

So Sweetie, the bottom line is that you are a 17 year old wannabe who, I will repeat, needs to shut up and listen if you want to learn anything. Until you do you'll just continue to be a wannabe no matter what your age.

posted by  vwhobo

You know, VWHOBO,

the registered users of this website tire of your constant outlandish claims of superiority and supremacy. if you have nothing positive or constructive to add (which is why this site exists in the first place) then why do you take your pseudo-overly-educated and snide remarks and shove it? :wink2:

posted by  kennyg

You know, VWHOBO,

the registered users of this website tire of your constant outlandish claims of superiority and supremacy. if you have nothing positive or constructive to add (which is why this site exists in the first place) then why do you take your pseudo-overly-educated and snide remarks and shove it?

posted by  kennyg

You are a moron. You have posted essentially the same ignorant remarks in six different threads, twice in this one alone. You have a choice. Deal with it or don't read it. I don't care.

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  kennyg

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posted by  vwhobo

Correction: I am not here to harass people, I am here to expose YOU.

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posted by  kennyg

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  kennyg

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posted by  Wally

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