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I have an 85 Accord LX, carburated. Car began stopping intermitently. Now won't start at all. No spark from Coil. Seems to be getting fuel. Won't even fire on starting fluid. Replaced Coil. Replaced distributer with 2 different used carburators. 12volts to + and - side of coil with key on. When key cranking still have steady 12 volts + and - . Distributor is turning. What else is there to check?

Thanks in advance for any help.

posted by  kdahlke

the rotor on those distributors is held on with a little machine screw... is it stripped? ive seen about 5 so-far the rotor should be locked on the distributor shaft solidly, and starting fluid cmon, who is the guy going around telling people to use this crap, that is absolute bullshit, i don't think you should be touching anymore stuff, get a big hook attach it to another big vehicle and pull the beast to a shop cuz you obviously have no idea :2cents:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Have you actually verified there is no spark from the coil? I'm not sure from what you have written.

You haven't mentioned that you replaced the plugs and wires, but i'll assume you did this. I had an 85 i bought used and had a mess of a time with the carborator causing a no start. always smelled flooded. The end villian was a vacuum port on the rear (firewall side) bottom of the carborator that, as best i could track down, had no buisness being there. probably a halfway through the year part redesign. It was capped with a rubber cap that was dryrotted. I put a new cap on and it worked fine. I doubt this is your problem but i thought i would throw that in there. (35 vacuum lines, what were they thinking)

I also once went through two straight aftermarket distributors in a row that were faulty, both from autozone. It was a bad batch from distribution though and i would hope they all got recalled.

posted by  lookbothways

there is a capacitor for suppressing the radio interference,a silver thing off the distributor.check it is not shorted.
when you say 12 volts going to the coil,it makes me wonder.the only time a coil produces energy is when the coil switches on and off.a steady dc voltage causes coil saturation.these are things that i look for:DRY spark plugs,ignition drive module,burnt points,improperly installed cap,rotor,timing,
if you have a carburettor,check the choke.if it is wrong it will never start.
it could be flapping around.the car is so old that you have rubber vacuum lines cracked or broken off.starter fluid is good for very low temperature
starts .it is not good for average temperatures.there is a clip on type spark plug type spark checker that is about 8 bucks.will tell you right away if you have a proper spark.and it has resistance so it does not blow the driver module if you have one.do not touch the spark plug wires.,they have in the 20kv range and you will not do that twice.

posted by  the lobster

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