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I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring JXI. Over the weekend I lost the keys, so yesterday I had someone come out and make a new one. He had to use a slim jim to break in the car, and the alarm kept going off. Since we didn't have the key to turn the alarm off, my husband just disconnected the battery.
It turns out that we found the keys, but now the car will not start. The battery is fine, because the lights and everything work.
I know that when the alarm is triggered the car will not start, but the alarm is no longer going off. Does anybody know what I should do?
Thanks in advance for your help!

posted by  onceuponaprince

the car start's no problem just no horn(alarm) if so check the fuse's. try the horn doe's it work off the steering wheel?

posted by  osborste

Thanks for your advice. It will not start at all. When I turn the key, nothing happens. No noises, nothing. The horn does work.

posted by  onceuponaprince

ok looking at other dodge car's in your year the alarm is suppose to reset by useing the key in the driver door(closed)lock and unlock using the key this should signal the alarm system to reset let me know

posted by  osborste

I think you should give a local chrysler dealership a call and ask them about it.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I tried locking and unlocking the door with both the key and the keyless entry remote. I called the dealership, and they said that I would have to have the car towed to them for them to check it, and that it may be a couple of days before they can get to it. So I thought I would see if anyone might know what to do.

posted by  onceuponaprince

some chryslers are designed that the alarm will self trigger if you disconnect the have to use the remote and on the grand cherokee and some other models unlock the PASSENGER DOOR TWICE ,if you are using the key..if the guy cut a key for your car and it is not a sentry key,(gray fat key) and it was tried to be started three times the body controller module will shut it down and the dealer has to reprogram the bcm. check all the fuses under the hood in the
black box.the slim jim could have cut a wire.this is what the alarms will goes off...kills the fuel pump...try to start it more than 3 times the BCM
shuts down needed unless you have a obd2 box....

posted by  the lobster

Check the starter fuse. It might have been burnt out by the alarm system--that happened to me. If it is burnt out, it will look like a burnt bulb. Remove the old fuse and replace with same amperage. Turn alarm on and off with key, not remote. Then proceed to turn on car while alarm is off.

maria   16 Apr 2012 16:29

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