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'95 chevy s-10 blazer, 4wd, 4.3 vortec, AT

Had problems with the ERG valve for years, pieces of cabon clog the valve and causes it not to shut propely causing the engine to miss and run rough. Is especially noticable during engine idle. I was having to remove the valve and clean it out every so often until I replaced the valve entirely. When the engine strains such as pulling a long steep grade, it misses, runs rough and the check engine light comes on. In a day or 2, it will straighten out. I think there was some kind of recall on this problem several years ago but I did not receive a recall card on this vehicle. Anyone have any these experices or can offer any advise. Thanks so much.

posted by  thinline

if it was a recall it would still be on file that your vehicle was not fixed recheck with the dealer if not then you will need to replace it on your own

posted by  osborste

Probably the first and most important question is, what DTC's are you retrieving from the ECM? The EGR will not likely cause the symptoms you're describing due to the fact that under load you already have low intake vacuum.

As for the EGR getting clogged, you can buy screens specifically made to stop that from happening. Be aware it doesn't fix your underlying problem but it is a pretty good bandaid for the broken arm.

posted by  vwhobo

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