i need some facts please no replies for go to your nearest service station i am it.

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hello to anyone that reads my message :wink2: . here is the story my mothers ford.
mom goes to smog her 1997 ford taurus smog fails due to service engine light
is on mom takes car to service station he test three different areas pins of some sort to no avail now up to this point i have satyed out of it ......three weeks later moms car is still at station the computer box has been took out and shipped across country and then shipped back to be the wrong one then to be sent back and somehow the old one is gone and the new one is on its way ......ummmmm what way? now like i said i stayed out of it until now ....... now....... that dear ol mom needs a ride to work everyday at 6am . so should i wait for the computer to come this way or get moms car go to junk yard find the little black box and sleep in everyday again.
was this the problem to begin with because they could not get engine light to go off.repairing box to buying new box?three weeks mom has had her car at service station..... :banghead:

posted by  revolutionismyn

you should have gotten a some sort of paper explaining why the car failed (with trouble codes)

posted by  tbaxleyjr

:hi: my mom im sure has it with her im working on online research 1997 ford taurus most likely odb obd double ii to be the problem. sorry im not that supportive its just seems really stupid to fail a smog due to a computer glitch as if those things work the way there suppose to anyhow. i mean check engine light that could be a number of things my mom should have let me work on her car i would have at least done the old disconnect battery cable stepped on brake and the light be gone for a time.

posted by  revolutionismyn

Okay etard, I'll play your little game. I cannot defend or explain the actions of the place working on your mother's car. I currently don't have enough facts to make a judgement and it's apparent that you don't have enough brains to communicate them to us. Let's just discuss the things that you would do to "resolve" the situation.

The only thing you seem to have correct is the fact that the '97 Taurus is an OBD II (pronounced OBD two). So what will "the old disconnect battery cable stepped on brake" thing do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. OBD II systems DO NOT reset by disconnecting the battery. As for stepping on the brake pedal in all my years as a profesional technician I have NEVER come across that procedure. Maybe you should start offering training courses.

Let's just for a moment suspend reality and go along with the idea that you would clear the computer with your little battery/brake pedal tango. Where would that leave you. Most states doing smog testing retrieve DTC's from the PCM prior to dyno/sniff/visual inspection. The first code they would come up with would be P0100, OBD II drive cycle not completed. That is a flag that someone has deleted codes and is... wait for it... Trying to hide an illuminated MIL which means you still have to retest. You have accomplished nothing.

I'm sure you think know more about the system and how it works than I do and your next post will call me names and question the species of my parents. Well have fun because no matter what you say to me you can't make me look as stupid as you've made yourself look. Have a dandy day.

posted by  vwhobo

it feels real good to be talked to as stupid thats fine but since you didnt have any advice to give about the computer module other then what you know (jack shit) help someone else that your more able to help ...and i do feeel for your mother she must be a very nice lady and im sure she would be ashamed for your lack of decientcy and i hope i spelt that wrong considering im only 14 have a nice day asshole thank you. denise leary tribute is in order your an asshole. and i dont drive cause my dad does the driving. :fu:

posted by  revolutionismyn

lol a simple "only way to get codes from obd2 systems is thru a scanner" would have been sufficient. but u wanted to waste more minutes of ur life to insult yet another person.

to the post starter, u need to give us codes and we might be able to help.

posted by  thongsai

Jesus. You can't type coherently, or express anything here, and don't give enough to actually diagnose anything with. But by god, you get all self righteous about how you're treated....

While you think there was a better way to respnd to you, there was also a vastly more intelligent way to go about asking for advice.

Without the computer to get the codes from, we can't help you over the internet. And your descripotion shows that even if we COULD help you, it doesn't seem you would be competent enough to fix the problem or even relay the solution to the right people. That's where Hobo's frustration comes in.

Jesus. If people spent a little more time trying to not look stupid, they wouldn't have to spend any time defending themselves against being treated as though they were stupid.

posted by  ChrisV

Oh, okay, I get it. First you want to come here and talk trash about how other people are doing a job that you have no concept of, then when you're called on it you pull the age card. Guess what ass boy. I didn't know how old you are and more importantly I DON'T CARE. You are the crap talking twinkie that started this rant called a thread. If you don't like my response, go tell your mommy. You will continue to be treated as stupid until you prove yourself otherwise. First step might be to work on your spelling. :banghead:

Earth to mars. The computer is removed from the car and sent to who knows where. DTC'c cannot be retrieved without the computer installed in the car. Do you ever read the threads before making your whiney ass statements or do you just search for responses of mine to bellyache about? I bet I know the answer.

posted by  vwhobo

This is just f*cking perfect. It almost made my day. First the smelly little bitch cries about the way I'm treating him and I respond. Then the very next thread I look at I find this;


Is this a hypocrititical little cumstain or what? Hey thongsai, do you still want to defend him or just STFU?

posted by  vwhobo

is denise leary denis' sister? i think that even at 14, you should be able to speak english and type it as well. your posts don't even make sense...
as much as i hate to agree w/ vwhobo...

posted by  dodger65

OMG!! the techs actually diagnose b4 they try to get a new computer..
do u read? he says his mom has the paperwork.

oh and who cares if he doesnt know that much about cars.. hes here for help.
yes i agree some people should stay away from cars, but i also believe u should stay away from help forums as u dont do that.

posted by  thongsai

Really? Is that how it works Sherlock? How do you know what the "paperwork" says? More importantly, are you going to add anything useful to this thread or just keep posting to badger me?

Your extremely low IQ is displayed by the use of the :fu: smiley. Your lack of automotive intelligence is displayed by the fact that you have provided no useful information. I think we have a third category. People like you who should stay entirely away from forums. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

read my first post in this thread. i asked for more info.. u then attacked me and started the flame war..

oh yea.. the paperwork prolly says. "ordered new computer just because." wth do u think it will say..

i guess ur gonna tell me that insulting a new member of the forum is a form of "useful information"

i bet if this poor guy went to ur shop u would rob him for every penny since he lacks automotive knowledge.

off topic:: isnt it sad how people would rather randomly throw parts on their car than take it to a mechanic.. well i went to school with those "mechanics" and they know less than me.. all they have is experience guesses.. better guesses than me but i understand the whats and whys.

posted by  thongsai

dunno who you know but we don't guess here, thats how this trade got it's slimy reputation, because of lazy sluts who would rather throw parts at it and guess rather than just diagnose properly, and sometimes you lose alot, if you spend 2 hours of time to diagnose properly, meanwhile joe blow guesses and spends 2 minutes to order parts and ten minutes to put them on, and then it's hit and miss, usually works out for the worse in thier situations

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

You are a f*cking idiot making statements with no basis in fact. Have you ever read my many posts explaining to people how having a competent tech diagnose and repair their car is usually cheaper in the long run than shotgunning parts? Vehicle owners who come to my shops with a problem and want it fixed get reated like royalty. It's the people like you who THINK they know something about their car and simply come in and say "I want part X replaced" that get the bone. Why? Because about 95% of the time THEY made the wrong call and end up paying twice... Once to get the part they wanted replaced and then again when they pay to actually fix the problem. It's not my fault they're stupid and hard headed like you.

I find it hard to believe you know more about anything than anybody except NutSackEXPERT. If you think that people like me spend a substantial amount of their life and money becoming educated, buying diagnostic/test equipment and then using said knowledge and equipment properly to ensure positive results in automotive repair so we can "guess", you're more mentally deficient than I thought.

BTW, for future reference you don't have enough automotive knowledge to clean the toilets at any of my shops. On the other hand I could use a shit shoveler for our horses.

posted by  vwhobo

b4 u judge me, look at my grades on the classes i took.

now with ur years of experience, yes u can easily diagnose things quicker than i can. but what does it mean to me? nothing , the auto world is on a constant change.. hell i didnt even bother to try to learn about carburetors except from howstuffworks.com .. by the time i really get into the trade, those things should be nearly extinct.

u bought equipment and learned how to use em.. woopy doo. sooner or later they will become obsolete. dwell meters, oscilliscopes, etc..
on some newer cars the steering wheel isnt even connected to the tires physically.. sensors and variable resistors to computer to turn the wheels.. if im lucky i wont need to have to work on mechanical rack and pinnion steering.

as time go by computers get faster and better.. the car is changing from all mehcanical to more and more electronics. once they make CAN a standard to OBD-II in or 2008 or 2006 (i forgot) it will make diagnosing a little better.. i assume since u been in business for awhile, u knew the extra work to had to do to get codes from pre-obd2 cars.. CAN is a little more regulation than OBD-2

well enough of my vision of future cars, u can still think today and keep looking at the years under ur belt.

posted by  thongsai

So the gist of your post is to tell me you have a small part of the education, not quite the grades and none of the experience that I do. And the point is?

posted by  vwhobo

back it up with some evidence. small part of the education? the school can only teach u so much.. the rest u have to get from experience.. show me ur grades, as i dont doubt ur experience.. u have that attitude of someone with experience.

posted by  thongsai

Sure, I'll dig through 30+ years of boxes to find transcripts. Better yet, I'll just make some up and post them for everyone to see. It matters not to me if you believe me or not. The people who need to know are aware of my credentials.

BTW, I was wrong about cleaning my toilets. If that is in fact your training and grades, you might be a good candidate for my apprentice program. I like to bring newbies into the shops to get them a head start on working experience and also to teach them that the real world isn't exactly the same as being in the classroom. What school do you go to?

posted by  vwhobo

You know, VWHOBO,

the registered users of this website tire of your constant outlandish claims of superiority and supremacy. if you have nothing positive or constructive to add (which is why this site exists in the first place) then why do you take your pseudo-overly-educated and snide remarks and shove it?

posted by  kennyg

i live in california.. i have passed some of the ASE tests.. www.ase.com they are state certification tests. but they wont send me a certificate until i get real work experience.. 1 year to be exact.. after that, i can take advanced L1 engine performance. and then my smog license..

I have no doubt in my mind to pass those tests.. but the hard part is to get and keep a job for 1 year.. the shops here want only certified people with experience. and to get certified i have to work for 1 year..

its a weird loop. apprentice programs is 4 years to count as 1 or is it 2 to 1.. to tell u the truth i dont wanna work on cars for the rest of my life.. i just wanna work enough to understand them more and do smogs..

posted by  thongsai

Actually you have to have two years experience in a specific category to become certified. However, ASE recognizes many schools and accepts a certificate as one year of that experience requirement. If you're going to a quality school they'll have a job placement program in shops like mine that are wanting to help develop the next generation of techs. Unfortunately too many shops are only in it for themselves and don't look at the big picture. Anything we can do to produce more competent techs helps the industry, and therefore all shops, as a whole.

I'm glad to hear you're trying to get certified. Too many individuals don't see the value in it. I'm personally certified as Master Automobile Technician, Master Engine Machinist (gas and diesel), L1, X1, C1 and P2 (18 certifications in all). To maintain my certs I have to test every cycle two or three tests which seems like a full time job in itself.

Good luck on your future.

posted by  vwhobo

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